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10-20Pcs EMS Muscle Trainer Replacement Gel Pads Abdominal Toning Belt Sticker Abs Training Massage Gear Pads Gel Patch Sheets 0


20Pcs Replacement Gel Sheet Pad Muscle Training Gear Gel Pads Stickers Abdominal Toning Belt Replacement Massage Gel Sheets 0


It is designed for all EMS AB Trainer, waist trimmer Belt, ABS Toner, body muscle trainer, ABS stimulator etc.

When you find it is losing its adhesiveness or when you feel the conduction performance decreased, it is time to replace it.

Strong adhesive ability, can be applied to the whole body.

Reusable and economical. The gel sheets can be washed, then place it in a ventilated place to dry, so it can be reused.

Made from eco-friendly material, no toxic and without harmful substance.

The gel sheet should be replaced after continuously used about 30 times.


Applicable: Body

Using time: 30 minutes (Continuous)

Weight: 66g

Package content:

10/20PCS x Replacement Gel Pads

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