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1/3Set Flat Round Clear Bath Bomb Molds Crafting Mold Plastic Fillable Ball Mould Ornament Christmas Ball DIY Bath Accessories

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Easy to do, you can easily make a DIY for yourself as a creative DIY gift.
This DIY bathtub bomb is a very cool party/Christmas/birthday gift idea! The mold is also a Christmas ball used to fill Christmas decorations.

Project Type: Bath
Model: Bath Bomb Mould
Material: ABS
Color: Transparent
Size: 70*31mm, 90*31mm, 110*110*50mm


How to make a bathtub bomb:

first step. Collect your supplies.
Dry Ingredients: 8 oz. baking soda, 4 ounces of citric acid, 4 ounces of cornstarch, 4 ounces of Epson Salt
Liquid: 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil, ¾ teaspoon. Water, 2 teaspoons. Food color essential oil
Tools: Bathtub Bomb Mould, Mixer, Spoon, Bowl, Cup

Step 2. Mix dry ingredients.
Pour all the dry ingredients into the bowl.
Stir well.

Step 3. Mix the liquid.
Pour all the liquid into the cup and stir until thoroughly mixed.
Note: Be careful, too much water will ruin your bathroom bomb!

Step 4. Mix liquid and dry matter together.
Slowly add a small amount of liquid to allow it to dry out while stirring.
Repeat this step until all liquid is drained.
When you crush the mixture, it should start to gather together.

Step 5. Put the mixture into the mold.
Grab your mold and squeeze the mixture tightly into the front half of the mold.
The same is true in the second half.

Step 6. Press the two sides together.
Squeeze the molds together to create a sphere.
You can add some rose petals or lavender to the top of the lower part.

Step 7. Press the mixture into the mold.
Press hard to prevent the bathtub bomb from rupturing.
Remove excess mixture around the mold.
Note: Be careful, turning the mold will not help disassemble the bathtub bomb!

Step 8. Gently tap around the mold.
Gently tap around the mold with a spoon.

Step 9. Gently remove the bath bomb.
Carefully remove the bath bomb from the mold.

Step 10. Let the bomb in the tub dry.
Put them on a piece of wax paper on a plush towel.

Let the bathtub bomb dry for at least one day before using them!

Product List
1Set/3Set(1Set X 70*31mm+1Set X 90*31mm+1Set X 110*110*50mm) X Bath Bomb Mold

1. The actual color of the item may differ slightly from the picture displayed on the website.
Caused by many factors, such as display brightness and light brightness.
2. Please allow hand measurement error of 1-5mm.

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